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Ch. 12: Questions Exchange
As Sweetie Drops closes the doors to the Presidential Office, Lyra hides behind a beam as she prepares herself before confronting the human.
Lyra: *Whispers to self* "Okay, Lyra, don't take 'no' for an answer... 'Look, I have some questions for you and I am not leaving this planet until they're answered.' Yeah, that's good..."
Lyra dashes out from the beam in hopes of surprising the human, but Sweetie Drops is somehow nowhere to be found. As Lyra slowly and cautiously trots forward, Sweetie Drops stealthily catches Lyra off-guard from behind and covers her mouth.
Sweetie Drops: *whispers to Lyra's ear* "I have some questions for you, and you are NOT leaving this planet until they are answered..!"
Lyra: *confused* "Y-yeah, well I- okay..--"
Sweetie Drops: "Shh... Follow me..!"
Lyra and Sweetie seem to want the same thing as they covertly exit the building's perimeter and into an aircraft boneyard.
Sweetie Drops: *eager tone* "Oh, there's so much to ask about your
:iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 1 3
Chapter 11: Welcome But Not Welcome
As the human/pony convoy finish re-entering Earth’s atmosphere and fly to their destination, Lyra prattles on through her excitement about how similar pony and human intelligence are so similar.
Lavender: “Somepony’s in a good mood.”
Axe: “Like a filly in Hearth’s Warming.”
Lavender: “… Commander… There wasn’t supposed to be life over here. This changes everything--”
Axe: *interrupts* “This changes nothing.”
Lyra: *still excitingly blabbing* “… and then I said to her ‘with oatmeal’! Take that, Mayor Mare!”
As Lyra finishes her exciting yet long talk she notices and looks out the ship’s window in awe as she sees a huge city with buildings that have the same structure as those back in Equestria’s Manehattan.
The convoy lands, and everypony and everybody head to what appears to be a Capitol building of some sort. Only Commander Axe and Lyra enter the bu
:iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 1 3
Chapter 10: First Contact (Earth: The Lost Planet)
The expedition’s ponies are surrounded by what appear to be two-legged white astronauts with advanced guns. The lead astronaut suddenly lowers her weapon.
Astronaut: “Everyone, hold your fire! They appear to be friendly! You. You can speak, can’t you?”
Derpy: *whispers to Lyra* “I think it’s talking to you…”
Astronaut: “Yes, you. The green one. You can speak, can’t you?”
Lyra: “Uh… Yes. We… can speak… the same language… apparently. Here, let me… let me give you a life support spell, so you can.. um… remove your helmet… thingy?”
Lyra conjures an extra life support area for the astronaut. The astronaut cautiously takes off her helmet and reveals to be the same pink-blue haired human who healed Lyra along with a surprised look on her face as she breathes air within the spell. The surrounding astronauts mumble in awe.
Astronaut: “H-how can you do t
:iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 1 7
Chapter 9: Earth (Earth: The Lost Planet)
Lyra is unconscious and alone deep within the dark caves of the gray celestial body the convoy crash-landed on. She begins to wake up and hear voices as a couple of lights illuminate on her. Lyra becomes fully conscious as she notices alien life forms in white suits and helmets. She gasps.
???: “What do you think it- Hey, it’s awake!”
Lyra is astonished and terrified.
???: “Ma’am, look! It’s conscious and aware. Permission to sedate-“
???: “Denied. Let me take a look.”
???: “Careful, Ma’am.”
???: “Huh…”
The white-suited astronaut takes a closer look at her as Lyra backs up shaking. Lyra feels a sharp pain on her hoof and notices she is injured. The astronaut opens up its mirrored dark visor on its helmet and reveals to be a female blue-eyed human with pink and navy blue hair. Both the human and Lyra seem to be in complete awe. The astronaut gently holds Lyra’s injured ho
:iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 1 2
Dead Realm by ResidentEddy Dead Realm :iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 2 0
Chapter 8: Sandstorm (Earth: The Lost Planet)
The convoy camp rests overnight on the red planet, and everypony is sound asleep. Unbeknownst to the sleeping ponies, a mysterious artificial droid with wheels and solar panels surveys the camp. The droid stops by Lyra’s luggage and examines each item within by using its claws. The droid finds Lyra’s picture with her grandmother and analyzes it closely. Lyra wakes up drowsy and sluggishly, and the droid drops the portrait back into the luggage, immediately retreating out of sight. Lyra uses her horn to light her way as she heads to the bathroom.
AJ: *sleeping* “… zzzz… Buck you, I can eat all these apples… zzzz...”
Meanwhile, a strange sort of movement appears from the horizon as wind speed gets stronger. Lyra exits the bathroom heading back to her tent when she suddenly feels wind speeds getting stronger and feels a stinging sensation from the red sand. She gets a rag to wipe her face of red sand, but the building wind immediately
:iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 1 0
Chapter 7: Friendship (Earth: The Lost Planet)
The convoy lands on the red planet and set a campfire within their huge magical life-supporting area. A dinner bell rings loudly.
Applejack goes around serving food.
AJ: “Fer an appetizer…”
    *gives to Twilight* “Apple Salad,”
    *gives to Rainbow* “Apple Muffins,”
    *gives to Derpy* “An’ yer Apple Cider.”
Dashie and Derpy look at each other’s foods.
Derpy: “I wanted the Apple Muffins…--”
RD: “Trade ya!!”
Derpy and Dashie make the exchange as Applejack heads to Lyra, who is sitting by herself, from a short distance away from the group.
AJ: *serves Apple Pudding to Lyra* “There ya go, Lyra! Put some bulk on them bones.”
Lyra: “Thanks, Applejack. It looks… fresher than usual.”
AJ: *briefly excited* “Ya like it? Well, have some more!”
:iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 2 0
Chapter 6: The Journey (Earth: The Lost Planet)
After the cargo ship deployed its expeditionary craft it contained while orbiting the icy dwarf planet extremely distant from its sun, Twilight Sparkle is given the honor of jettisoning a hard hat fitted with a ribbon in honor of those who have not survived the Tantabus attack. Applejack removes her hat to pay her respects. Twilight rejoins the surviving crew in their saddened state as the memorial hat drifts away from their small fleet. Commander Golden Axe gives his eulogy briefing to all.
Axe: “… Seven hours ago, we’ve started this expedition with 200 of the finest stallions and mares I’ve ever known. … We’re all that’s left. … I won’t sugar coat it, gentlecolts; we have a crisis on our hands. But we’ve been up this particular creek before and we’ve always come through, paddle or no paddle. I see no reason to change that policy now.”
Axe turns to his crew.
Axe: “From here on in, everypony pu
:iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 1 0
Chapter 5: The Guardian (Earth: The Lost Planet)
Maud Pie listens to the ship’s magically enhanced external microphone built to hear sound even from space. She pets her pet rock Boulder gently as she suddenly hears an inaudible anomaly within her headset. She focuses the audio frequency without expression.
Maud: “Commander. I think you should hear this.”
Lyra decodes the hand-written dialect in the Journal to briefly verify to Axe the wormhole’s location as Maud repeats without fuss.
Lyra: “‘Enter the lair…’ ”
Maud: “Commander.”
Lyra: “‘… of the Guardian…’”
Maud: “Commander.”
Lyra: “’… There you will… find the path to the gateway’!”
Maud: “Commander.”
Axe: “Yes, Ms. Pie, what is it?”
Maud: “I’m picking up something on the external microphone I think you should hear.”
Axe: “Put it on speakers.”
Maud flicks on a swit
:iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 2 0
Chapter 4: Greetings and Briefings (Earth: TLP)
Inside the ship after exiting Equiis’ gravity well, Lyra makes her way to her lower bunk bed as an announcement from Maud Pie is heard.
Speaker (Maud): “Attention: Tonight’s supper will be baked pie, musical party to follow. … Who wrote this?”
Lyra lays on her bed and takes a nap, when suddenly a gray wall-eyed mare peeks at Lyra from the upper bunk, and wakes her up. Lyra is startled and accidentally hits her head and sharply grunts.
???: “You have disturbed the muffins…”
Lyra: *rubs her bruised area* “Uh… pardon me?”
The mare quickly jumps down to her level revealing herself.
Derpy: “YOU’VE DISTURBED THE MUFFINS!! Muffins from around Equestria spanning the flavors!”
Derpy reveals a collection of muffins from under Lyra’s covers.
Derpy: “*GASP* WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? Banana Nut must never merge with Lemon Surprise!!” *rearranges her muffins*
Lyra: “Wh
:iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 2 0
Chapter 3: The Space Shuttle (Earth: TLP)
A monotone voice from the train’s speaker is heard throughout the train as Lyra holds her cupcake barf in.
Speaker (Maud): “Attention: All hands off the train to the Shuttle Launch Bay. … To whoever took the ‘L’ from the ‘Motor Pool’ sign: ha, ha, we are all very amused.”
A familiar purple Pegasus swoops down in front of Lyra.
Lyra: “Excuse me, I need to, um, report in?”
Lavender: *turns to face Lyra* “Yes, Miss Heartstrings?”
Lyra: “I— AHH!! It’s you!!”
An orange mare drifts down on a wagon full of food supplies being held by a crane.
???: *southern accent* “ ‘Purple Lady’, ah got a bone tah pick with you!”
Lavender: “Hold that thought.” *turns to the orange mare* “What is it this time, AppleJack?”
AJ: “Y’all done stuffed mah wagon full tah bustin’ with nonessentials! Look at all this…”
:iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 2 2
Rejected (Chapter 1: Rejected) by ResidentEddy Rejected (Chapter 1: Rejected) :iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 3 0 Lyra's Mock Presentation (Chapter 1: Rejected) by ResidentEddy Lyra's Mock Presentation (Chapter 1: Rejected) :iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 1 0
Chapter 1: Rejected (Earth: The Lost Planet)
Within Ponyville’s city hall, Lyra Heartstrings starts a speech for a proposal within a secluded room.
Lyra: “Good afternoon, gentlecolts. First off, I’d like to thank the board for taking the time to hear my proposal. Now you’ve all heard of the legend of Earth, a planet somewhere within the Milky Way galaxy that was home to an advanced species possessing technology far beyond our own,”
Lyra uses a bust of Star Swirl the Bearded to refer to her statement.
Lyra: “That, according to our friend Star Swirl here, was suddenly struck by some cataclysmic event that severed its connection with Equiis.”
Lyra brings out a stack of huge flashcards containing pictures and Equestrian hieroglyphs referring to Earth
Lyra: “Now, some of you may ask: Why Earth? It’s just a myth, isn’t it? Pure fantasy! Well, that is where you’d be wrong.”
She begins to scroll down her flashcards.
:iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 1 0
Why books are awesome by ResidentEddy Why books are awesome :iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 3 0 Afterburners by ResidentEddy Afterburners :iconresidenteddy:ResidentEddy 2 0

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Aircraft Brochure Menu

If you noticed my gallery, you'd know what I mean. Choose the aircraft model you want, then talk to me to decide what paint patterns are available, what color you want, and what name you want to label. If not sure how the aircraft looks like, copy/paste the model name to Google images.

Here's what's available on the menu.


*F-22 Raptor
*Su-47 Berkut
*YF-23 Black Widow II
*Su-37 Terminator
*Su-35 Flanker-E
*F-15 Eagle
*Su-33 Flanker-D
*F-14D Super Tomcat
*Su-24MP Fencer
*MiG-29A Fulcrum
*F-16C Fighting Falcon
*MiG-21bis Fishbed


*CFA-44 Nosferatu
*ASF-X Shinden II
*Rafale M
*F-35 Lightning II
*F-15E Strike Eagle
*JAS-39C Gripen
*F/A-18F Super Hornet
*AV-8B Harrier
*F-16F Fighting Falcon
*Mirage 2000-5


*Su-34 Fullback
*A-10A Thunderbolt II
*F-117 Nighthawk
*Su-25TM Frogfoot


*B-1B Lancer
*B-2 Spirit

Attack Chopper

*AH-64D Apache Longbow
*Mi-24 Hind
*Ka-50 Hokum

Utility Chopper

*MH-60 Blackhawk


*AC-130U Spooky

This is every plane available that can be found. Take your pic, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

F-22 Resident

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